One last time

This is my last blog and although I have never had a blog, facebook or twitter account, and at first I was unconvinced as to its benefits, I must confess that it has been a very useful tool.  I have found many sources of information through our classmates blogs and even benefited from a vent or two.  Who knows maybe I will continue to use it or even open a facebook account (my children will be impressed).    I have one last resource to share, unfortunately I found it too late in my prac to be of benefit but I will certainly use it next time and I hope you can too.   Kindergarten math websites is a great tool with a variety of early childhood math games that are engaging and educational.  



Time well spent

I have met some incredible teachers on my placement and have learnt a lot, mainly how to manage my time well in front of a large number of students.  I enjoy teaching and do not want to any child behind and this is one reason for going over time in my lessons.  I always walk around the class as the children are engaged in the lesson, making sure each child understands the concept and explaining it if they haven’t.  This takes time, especially with more than 20 students in the class.  I have found the use of ICT to be beneficial in this case, as those children who have understood the lesson and completed the tasks can be directed to an interactive game (that reinforces the learning concept) whilst I spend time with the children who need it.  I may run slightly over time but I feel that the time has been worthwhile.  


The end is near

The prac is coming to an end and the actual teaching has been great.  My mentor, the rest of the teaching staff and the students have all be wonderful, helpful and friendly and I have thoroughly enjoyed my time.  There hasn’t really been many negatives, probably the most difficult aspect has been the paper work.  I find this to take an incredible amount of time and I do see why we have to demonstrate out knowledge and understanding of devising appropriate lessons, I feel that a prac should mainly be about the prac, learning through observation and implementation, gaining experience in front of real students and receiving positive feedback.  


One fun resource

 I was looking through the blog posts of my fellow EDC 3100s and came across Kristen’s who was writing about
Word Toons.  I had never heart of it so I thought I would look it up.  It looks like a great deal of fun you write a word and by following the instructions you can turn it into a cartoon.  I can see many children really getting into this.  It would improve their spelling, letter recognition and drawing skills and it is relatively inexpensive.  I will certainly looking into this further to use in future lessons.  It is too late for this prac ( I only wish I had found it earlier).  Oh well this will be one to remember for next time


week 3

I am on my last week of prac and it has very enjoyable (if not a lot of work).  The class and my mentor are great and it has made my time teaching a pleasure.  What has taken time is making or researching for quality ICTs to incorporate into my lesson plans.   I can across Mathsframe when looking for maths resources.  Even though it comes from the UK the content is compatible with our curriculum.  Apart from a few technical difficulties, the prac has run smoothly, although I am looking forward to completing this component of the course.  Good luck with the rest of the assignment.


IWB resources

Our prac is almost here and I have been researching for some iwb activities to use on my prac.  My grade is kindergarten and I have been looking for some fun and interactive activities for this age group.  I came across Scholastic which had a variety of activities and subjects  for Smart board and Promethean boards.  There are teacher tips and links to the activity.  The site also contains links to other sites and even tips on how you can create similar activities using a projector and its FREE!!  Take look, hopefully you will find something to help on your prac.  



Now that we are on “break” (I am currently trying to complete an assignment for another topic due on the same day we are to submit Assessment 3 for EDC3100) I have a little more time to take a further look at some the websites David has suggested.  I have revisisted the cyber smart website and found some more useful resources and lesson plans .  These include plans for primary, secondary and special education.  There is also a section for parents which includes advice on how to discuss cyberbullying with their children (with age appropriate information) and resources for parents to use including and explanation of the terminology their children may use.  


Make sure you take a look at the site and even refer some parents to it.